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Accounts Payable

Save time and money with the payments program, which helps you to determine the optimal time to pay invoices, expenses and discounts and maintain a close relationship with suppliers

Accounts Payable Program

Save time and money with the payments software that helps you determine the optimal time to pay bills, expenses and discounts and maintain a close relationship with your suppliers

Program Advantages

Defining all types of payments (cash - checks - advance payments - payments by checks at the beginning of the period in the bank and the treasury - transfers between safes and banks - settlements) and determine the linkage of each of them to the public accounts, statements of accounts and the documentary cycle.

Define the used receipt books (serial for each book).

Defining the types of deductions that are deducted from various payments, such as withholding stamps and taxes, and linking these deductions to public accounts.

Defining the types of bank transfers and linking these types to public accounts and determining their impact on the documentary cycle.

Movement of cash and checks

Create a directory of safes used in cash and check payments, link each safe to the general accounts, and determine the opening balance for each safe.

Create a complete directory of the banks that deal with it and link each of them to the public accounts.

حركه الشيكات

برنامج محاسبة

Follow-up of bank transfers to various accounts and third parties

Follow up on transfers between vaults.

Linking payments to future purchase invoices and the impact of this on the lifespan of debts.

Link payments with other programs such as real estate investment, contracting, wages and salaries.

Designing the form for printing checks for each bank account (put the check sheet in the printer and use the check printing command from within the program) to avoid manual errors in writing checks such as punctuation and numbers.

Issuing and printing cash and check payment receipts from within the program

Follow-up of checks issued by the program (payment of checks from the bank balance - return of checks from the beneficiaries).

Check payment receipt:

بيان جرد الاصول الثابتة

Payment papers status report:

بيان جرد الاصول الثابتة
One of the most important reports of the payments program, as it shows the status of each check of the payment papers owed by the company

Paid cheques: These are checks that have been cashed by the bank and have been received by the supplier

Checks outstanding: These are checks with the supplier that he has not disposed of yet

Bounced Checks: These are checks that have been returned from the supplier due to an error in them

Appearance: These are checks of receipt papers that have been endorsed to the supplier and thus have been converted into payment papers

A graphic showing the accounting treatment of payments that the program creates automatically:

بيان جرد الاصول الثابتة

General Payments Report

Pay slips status report

Payable Deductions Report

Payable Notes Report

Supplier Adjustments Statement

Delegate Payments List

Detailed cash and check movement report

Expected cash flow report

Expected Bank Liquidity Report

general stock report

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