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Payroll software for wages and salaries calculations DoubleClick ERP is the best payroll program in managing wages and salaries through human resource applications

Payroll Program

The Payroll accounts program Double Click ERP is the best payroll program in wages and salaries management through human resources applications, due to the reliance in building the wages and salaries accounts program on the experience and efficiency of the largest human resources managers so that the program is comprehensive and flexible, making it the best payroll program for payroll and wages accounts.

Basic data and definitions

Adding and defining all items of accruals and deductions, with defining the method of calculating each of them

Define the method and equation for calculating absence, delays and incentives

Determine the method of calculating the compensation for overtime

The system contains a table for all the values ​​and percentages of the labor law, taxes and insurances on which the wage is calculated. This table is adjustable by the user

Determining the nature of salary disbursement for each employee (monthly salary - weekly wage - daily wage)

Determining the currency of payment of salaries

Determining whether or not employees are subject to employment taxes

Determining the employee’s subordination to social insurance, specifying the number and date of the insurance, the number of the treatment card, the insurance office affiliated to it, as well as the medical insurance

برنامج الرواتب و الاجور و المرتبات

Duty cycle

Create a directory of training courses and specify the contents of each training course and related expenses

Full follow-up to the cycle of papers (appointment rationales) and the destinations for their extraction

Transferring an employee from one department/department to another

Defining a plan to meet business goals by identifying current and future needs and organizing training to place the right employee in the right place

Promotion of employees and the subsequent change in salary items

Evaluate the performance of employees based on the criteria for evaluating each job and the subsequent determination of rewards or discounts for the employee

Registration of receipt and return of covenant and cars

Registration of procedures for renewing private licenses and vehicle licenses

Payroll reports

Detailed employee advances

salary slip

Requests for advances and fines

bank accounts report

Report of wages due before disbursement

Medical Insurance Categories Report

Employee Check Report

Total Salary - Staff Directory

Total salaries - departments / departments

General Analytical Report

Departmental total salaries

Salary Slip - Combinations of Benefits and Deductions

Salary Slip 2 - Benefit and Deduction Combinations

Total salary report

salary voucher

Salary Matrix Report

Insurance report

Total Advances Report

total tax report

tax settlement report

Salary Variables Report

Report of the total production of employees

Detailed employee production report

Salary Increase Report

Salary Templates Matrix

Departmental salary matrix

Employment Earning Tax Settlement Statement

Staff cards

Employee account statement

Employee's CV

Insurance form (Form 2)

Employee data report

Employee numbers report

Leave Requests Report

Holidays report

Detailed leave report

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