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Letter of Credit

With the DoubleClick program, you have to trust that you are dealing with the best program through documentary credits - accounting program - accounting program - accounting programs

Letter of Credit Program

برنامج محاسبى

Conducting all operations related to documentary credits, including opening the credit, adding miscellaneous expenses and taxes, extending and raising credits, entering shipments into warehouses, and re-pricing to include various expenses.

Program Advantages

Define all types of expenses and determine the percentage of them and the value and how expenses affect inventory

Determining the value and type of the credit (bank facilities - supplier facilities)

Recording or recalling payment terms from a purchase order

Determining the percentage or value of the credit cover

Define all types of expenses and determine the percentage of them and the value and how expenses affect inventory

Specify the type of shipment (total - partial)

Credits cycle

Opening the documentary credit and specifying the shipping policy (CIF, CF, FOB and EX_WORK) and the currency of the transaction.

Linking documentary credits and general accounts through journal entries resulting from the credit cycle, taking into account the accounts for currency differences.

Link the purchase order Performa Invoice to the documentary credit.

برنامج المخازن و المستودعات

Add all the expenses related to the accreditation, as well as the taxes related to the accreditation

Re-pricing of items in shipments to include the value of items purchased from abroad, the expenses of opening the credit, miscellaneous expenses and taxes so that the items are re-priced with the direct and indirect expenses included

برنامج محاسبة

Log in the credit shipments with specifying the store for adding each type of credit

The possibility of extending the credit period / ramping up or extending and ramping up the documentary credit with determining the heightening value and expenses related to the extension or heightening

برنامج محاسبة

Expired credits

open credits

Accreditation cost

Credit Expense Matrix Report

Freight Expense Matrix Report

Expenses and taxes on credits

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