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Production Package

The best production and manufacturing program that is compatible with all forms of manufacturing by linking raw materials to the finished product and distributing direct and indirect costs to operating orders and production orders to reach the final cost of production costs and control the cost of production and operation

Production Program

Work orders and production

Double Click for industrial companies The system provides information for planning and control purposes, which enables our customers to achieve more effective

Program Advantages

Defining aggregate items made up of other items, with specifying the proportion/quantity of components for each component

The possibility of specifying (installing) the components of the finished product in the catalog of items, or the possibility of adding them directly when starting the production process in the work order screen

The possibility of working in one of the two known production methods (direct - indirect)

Complete product components and work order

The type of item is specified in the classification guide, and whether this item is a raw or a finished product

Determining the components (materials) with specifying the ratio/quantity of raw materials for each complete product

Create a work order with the possibility of adjusting the quantities of raw materials or setting alternatives

Download the raw materials exchange permissions from the work order

Download the permissions to add finished products from the work order

The possibility of measuring the extent of deviations that occur during the production process

Job order cost

Types of work order

Detailed job order cost

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