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The software number #1 for import companies

Double Click ERP programs are unique with an ideal work cycle for import companies that you will not find in any other program. !! The program contains tools that contribute to determining expenses on import shipments with unparalleled accuracy

The elements of the import process on the program consist of 4 elements :

  1. Item
  2. The supplier
  3. Import process
  4. Expenses on shipments

First: Items

Since the beginning of the design of the Double Click ERP program more than 25 years ago and until now it is unique only in defining the items in an infinite tree form, where the item groups and their analyzes are known in a tree-like form for Windows and the items are defined from within the tree itself without the need for identification from a place and drawing the shape The tree is elsewhere.

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It is distinguished by defining the category as it contains many elements that are suitable for all activities, such as:

Expiry date

Batch number

Part number

Items have characteristics such as :

  • aluminum and timber (length x width x thickness x type)

  • Clothes (color X size X model)

  • Ceramic (Length X Width X Pattern X Color X Sort)

  • Glass (color X brand X model X country of origin)

Items of service used when issuing invoices

A picture, a nickname, specifications, and a barcode are also added to the item. According to the system used to link and automate corporate systems and link them with the Egyptian Tax Authority and the Saudi Zakat and Income Authority, the global classification code that is used when raising invoices on the tax authority platform is added to the category.

Second: the supplier

Add a supplier register that contains all the information you need about dealing with the supplier, such as general information, commercial information, responsible person - address - branch, discounts and taxes - and price lists associated with them - and approved payment methods

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Third: the import process

There are many ways to import, and they are all found in Double Click ERP, whether they are detailed or abbreviated The simplified import process begins through the procurement program, where a purchase order is registered and then approved and transferred to a pro forma invoice and then to a documentary credit, passing through then recording expenses and taxes on credits - then entering and receiving shipments - and then loading other miscellaneous expenses.

An ideal long process is represented by the following illustration:

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The documentary credit program contains a complete work cycle for import management and contains:

Defining the types of credits and linking them to the general accounts, where the program issues an automatic journal entry resulting from the documentary credits operations.

Defining the types of expenses such as (customs - freight - rails - licenses - permits - clearance - .... etc.) and the method of calculating them based on credit and items, direct and indirect.

Defining the types of taxes that are calculated at customs.

Registration of opening credit.

Recording the extension of the credit period and the expenses of extension.

Record the increase in the value of the documentary credit, if necessary.

Recording expenses on credit indirectly affecting the items in the shipment.

Recording direct expenses on items and what is in proportion and what is in value.

Login shipments.

Shipment pricing.

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Fourth: Expenses on shipments

When the shipment arrives, the cost does not depend on this limit, but the items are incurred with some other expenses that affect their cost. Including what is in proportion and what is in value, as it determines the method of distribution to items (distributed by quantity - distributed over value - multiplied by quantity) Consequently, the above results in the items bearing all the expenses related to import.

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Item Pricing Tool :

After reaching the cost of the item comes the role of pricing the items at the selling price.
For each item, you may set the appropriate selling price for it, believing that it is the most appropriate price and that you may in fact make losses as a result of the wrong pricing!!

Double Click ERP is a perfect pricing tool that contains all the pricing methods

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Determining more than one selling price for one item according to the nature of the activity with the customer or according to each customer.

Different selling prices for the same item with the same customer according to the period in which the item is sold to him.

Make price segments for each item according to the quantity sold.

Determining the selling price based on the profit margin on the sale and the last administrative one.

Determine a minimum selling price that can only be exceeded with validity.

Determining the normal selling price resulting from the minimum plus the selling profit margin.

Determine the choice to allow/disallow the change of the selling price through the sales invoice.

The possibility of automatic variable pricing (based on the change in cost, the selling price is automatically changed)

Allow / not allow the minimum selling price to be lowered when issuing the invoice in cases of items liquidation, for example, or during festivals and discounts.

Very important:

The Double Click ERP program is characterized by the ability to return the cost of the item based on expenses that are recorded on the item that have not yet been registered, even if the sale is done, so the program automatically recalculates the cost of the item and re-evaluates the exchange vouchers that have been made again, and the consequent effect on the public accounts Bearing in mind that this update can only be made at cost during the period open for review.

profitability :

Profitability is the output to be reached as a result of the sales process. The program provides a variety of reports to calculate profitability, such as:
Items profitability - customer profitability - delegates profitability - invoice profitability - profitability of selling services - cost of free items

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شركات الاستيراد

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