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The software number #1 for the real estate investment sector

  • It is the best program on which major real estate development and property management companies rely, and one of the most distinguished programs within the Double Click ERP group of programs that combines operation (selling, renting, managing real estate and maintaining units) and financial (accounts, receipts, payments and cost centers).

  • The program is also characterized by the presence of a complete follow-up (financial and administrative) for the commissions of real estate brokers and representatives, as it determines the method of dealing with them, the percentages of commissions, building an endless tree structure of delegates, linking commissions to contracts, and then issuing claims (entitlements) for commissions and disbursing them from the payments program, which consequently affects the restrictions Finance and movement of safes and banks.

  • With more than 250 statistical and financial reports to follow up the management of sales, leasing, commissions, arrears, collections, unit activities, and more, which makes you work on the program and get through it all the information you want without the need for any external data.

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Real estate is classified within the DoubleClick program in a distinctive tree shape that allows you to diversify the types of real estate and the stages of each real estate group and the real estate units it contains.

Defining the real estate activity (residential / service / commercial / lands / ...... etc., as well as specifying its type (villa / twin house / duplex / apartment / office / clinic / shop / ..... etc.).

Lease for the benefit of others, in which the percentage of commission from the owner and from the tenant is determined to be indicated in the lease contracts and the owners and tenants claim it and collect it.

Adding real estate photos and real estate documents such as licenses, drawings, etc. for reference when needed.

Record all data of real estate units from the number / description of the unit / number of rooms in the unit / type of finishing / floor number / activity / area / garage belonging to the unit if it exists / usufruct of the garden for the ground floors / expected delivery date / unit services from water, electricity, gas, etc.

The possibility of making a stop for the Hold unit so that it does not appear at the seller for reservations, contracting or inquiries.

Automatic daily entries as a result of operating the real estate investment, collections and payment program.

Linking the unit to a cost center in finance to extract financial and statistical reports for the unit.

Recording the data of potential and actual customers to work on this data through the CRM department, where the customer directory records in an endless tree form the branches and divisions for the flexibility of work on it and the diversity of extracting reports.

Register all real estate broker data and determine the commission rate for each broker, as well as commercial information, commercial registration number and value-added tax number for each of them.

Designing and defining an infinite number of payment methods for units by percentage or by value and linking more than one method to the unit for the possibility of choosing it within the contract for the unit, and then automatically including the method of payment in the contract.

The program contains a comprehensive management of the sales process, starting from reservation, contract, payment method, contract printing, rescheduling, assignment, replacement, settlement of sales contracts, sales commission claims, and collection of payments due.

Issuing claims to pay commissions of representatives and real estate brokers according to what was recorded in the sales contract.

Taking into account the calculation of sales commission and value added tax on payments and installments subject to commission only.

Comprehensive follow-up of the rental process, starting from requesting a property according to the client's needs, then issuing the lease contract and determining the method of collecting monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual rental installments.

The possibility of rescheduling the remaining installments.

The program contains a contract renewal tool that alerts the user to the renewal dates well in advance of their occurrence by sending notifications to the user and to the customer to remind the contract renewal date.

Issuing claims and sending notifications to customers of the amounts of installments due.

Settlement and termination of the lease contract to automatically extract the owed or residual value of the lessee.

Follow-up the maintenance work for the units, distribute the maintenance values ​​to the real estate units, and follow up on the units’ consumption of water, electricity, gas………..etc.

An advanced notification program to follow up on arrears and entitlements on customers that works automatically with the ability to specify the text of the message.

Programs that serve the real estate investment sector

  1. General-Ledger, Accounts-Receivable, Accounts-Payable

  2. Real-Estate

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